Acquiring a Gleanntan Skye

If you are considering adding a Gleanntan Skye Terrier to your household, we hope that these notes will be helpful:

  • Gleanntan has been breeding quality Skye Terriers for the past 49 years and we have bred 124 AKC Champions to date. All of our Skyes have been cherished companions to their owners. Our breeding program is limited to an average of one litter per year. It is our responsibility to help preserve and protect the breed and this mission directs our breeding selections and the placement of our Skyes. Our responsibility as breeders, is to best match a puppy with an owner and to provide support to the owner for the life of the dog.

  • All of our Skye Terriers live in our home and all puppies are born in our home. Our puppies are raised in our kitchen where they receive constant, ongoing socialization and love. We believe that good temperaments are the result of sound breeding selections and intensive socialization beginning at a young age.

  • Our name, "Gleanntan" is a registered kennel prefix that is protected by the American Kennel Club. Our hobby and our passion is breeding and showing Skye Terriers. We are not a boarding kennel.

  • While we do recognize that the Skye Terrier is not a breed for everyone, we encourage newcomers who are eager to learn. We believe it is important to remain in touch with the owners of our Skyes and to provide support to them as needed. We enjoy working with owners who are new to conformation showing and if geographic proximity allows it, we are able to assist these owners with handling and ring preparation.

  • Much of the information presented on our Web site involves the conformation show ring. Beyond being an enjoyable lifetime pursuit, the conformation ring is where our Skyes are evaluated. These evaluations help to guide us in making the best possible breeding decisions.

  • We place some of our Skyes in non-show homes with folks who are seeking the loyal and loving companionship of a Skye. All of our Skyes (show and non-show) are expected to be a high priority in their owners' lives and to receive the care and love that they deserve. All of our Skyes are sold with a contract. Our non-show Skyes are sold with a spay/neuter clause.

  • We are particularly proud of the fact that so many of the owners who acquire our Skyes, return to Gleanntan through the years for their Skyes.

  • If you think the Skye might be the breed for you, we encourage you to visit the American Kennel Club web site at: for more information.

Gleanntan Pups - 1993

The Skye Terrier in Brief

Country of origin Scotland
AKC group Terrier
Function Companionship
Life span 12 to 14 years
Watchdog Yes (barking only)
Color Black, blue, dark or light gray, silver platinum, fawn or cream
Coat type Double coat, undercoat short, close, soft and woolly; outercoat hard straight and flat
Professional grooming Yes, for those unfamiliar with Skye coat care
Home grooming Often - with pin brush, comb
Size Height is 10 inches at the withers, length is chest bone over tail, 20 inches; females: height is 9 1/2 inches at withers; length is chest bone over tail, 19 inches
Weight Males 30 to 35 pounds; females slightly less
Activity level Moderate
Intelligence High
Trainability Good - only with positive reinforcement
Good with children Yes, with children who are "trained" to interact with dogs
Good with other pets Yes, if raised together
Home environment House or apartment; needs daily exercise and attention
Attitude toward strangers Reserved and cautious; good watchdog
Character Fearless, loyal, affectionate
Source: Skye 'O The Scots by Judith A. Tabler - Dog Fancy Magazine, January, 1997

Our August, 2004 litter - Ch. Gleanntan Going For It x Ch. Gleanntan Grandxpose
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Photos of past Gleanntan litters showing growth progression